Testimonials Cosmo ClinicCosmo Clinic is highly recognised, and known for its high patient-satisfaction levels.

Super state-of-the-art clinic

“I was happy to experience that Oslo has such an expert, super state-of-the-art clinic, after having checked out clinics in Germany but finding it more convenient to do the planned facelift here in Norway where I currently live.

Hilde with her beautiful looks and calm and efficient manner of counseling - is a very convincing "poster girl" for her clinic. She is very matter-of-fact and gave me a totally realistic evaluation of what could be done, should be done and how she would eventually do it.

I felt I was in very safe and experienced hands and totally trusted her evaluation.

The surgery itself was expertly done and now - after three months - I couldn’t be happier with the results. I got positive feedback from friends and family: The ones who knew were surprised how "natural" the new me looked, the ones who didn´t were sure that I had either had an extensive holiday in a spa retreat on a far-away island, a juvenile toy boy - or indeed had some mysterious yet efficient treatment that didn’t look like surgery at all.

I can only highly recommend Hilde and am very glad that I went through with my long-harbored plan to improve my looks and get rid of a bit of the wear-and-tear of 55 years of living good and not always entirely healthy.

So, if I had to do it again and despite a little discomfort and looking like a victim of domestic abuse for some days - I’d happily do it again at Cosmo Clinic in Oslo!”

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Breast reduction: «I should have done this a long time ago»

«I had a breast reduction performed by Dr. Thomas Berg in June. I am very pleased with the result. Surprisingly, I did not have much pain after surgery. I was on my legs about 15 min after waking up from anesthesia, no discomfort, just overwhelming happiness for having small breasts. I have no words for how good the treatment I received from the surgeon and the staff working there. Safe, professional and positive people. Good follow-up from start to finish with 24 hour availability on telephone if there should be an acute crisis or questions after the operation, a good security. I highly recommend Cosmo Clinic, I am very pleased. The only thing I regret is that I should have done this a long time ago. I am extremely pleased that I chose to use Cosmo Clinic and Dr. Thomas Berg. Thank you.»

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The breasts look very beautiful and natural

I want to thank the surgeon Tomm Bjærke. I am very pleased with the operation. I got great help choosing the size of the implant for my breast. The breasts look very beautiful and natural. For first time I'm super happy with the photos of me in a swimsuit. :-) I also want to thank all the staff members at the clinic for their care and the good atmosphere before the surgery and after ...)) Real professionals work at Cosmo Clinic. I will definitely come back!

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Upper and lower eyelid plastic surgery

I have done upper and lower eyelid plastic surgery by Hilde Bjærke at Cosmo Clinic. I am incredibly pleased with the result. It is good to let go of headaches because the heavy eyelids hang over the lashes and fields of vision. It's also good to get a more alert look, and put a stop to comments that I look tired when I'm not at all. At Cosmo Clinic I was greeted in a very pleasant and professional manner by all the staff. Hilde Bjærke was also very accessible after the operation. It provided extra security.

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Happy with my new figure (BBL)

“My experience at Cosmo Clinic couldn't have been better. You really feel taken care of by all the staff. Before and after the operation, you receive incredibly good follow-up. The results after my surgery couldn't be better, and I'm more than happy with my new figure and the whole experience at Cosmo Clinic. ” (BBL, female, age 24. Surgeon: Thomas Berg)

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Excellent experience (Breast lift)

«I had a truly excellent experience at Cosmo Clinic! Everything involved in my process was smooth, easy and streamlined. I appreciate the honesty of Dr. Thomas Berg. He suggested a breast lift, and I can truly say it was the best decision. My breasts look perfect. Now I will be getting a BBL with Dr. Berg this year. I cannot recommend this clinic enough!» (Breast lift, plastic surgeon: Thomas Berg)

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Good follow-up, perfect result

“I've had full abdominal surgery, breast lift and breast augmentation done at Cosmo Clinic. I received good information and guidance so that I could choose what was best for me during the consultation with the plastic surgeon. I received very good information regarding how to prepare for the surgery, what would happen on the day of the surgery, and the follow-up etc. I felt safe and looked after all the way. The operation itself went fast and painlessly. Good follow-up after the operation and the result was perfect. Could not have been more pleased. Quality work from a skilled surgeon. Thank you!!" (Female, age 47)

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Fantastic Result (upper eyelid)

"I had eyelid surgery done this summer. I was a bit skeptical of the fact that local anesthesia were to be used, but both the plastic surgeon Tomm Bjærke and the assistant were incredibly calm, professional, very skilled and not least nice. So in addition to a fantastic result, I was looked after in the best possible way. Recommended!"

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Very happy (nose surgery)

“Very happy with the operation. Dr. Westvik explained how the nose should fit the face. After the operation, the nose looked much better than I expected, and am grateful that Tormod did such a good job. The rest of the team at Cosmo Clinic is very nice and take good care of you throughout the process.” (Nose surgery / Tormod Westvik)

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Dr. Tomm Bjærke my first choice

“I was suffering from a lot of headaches and dry eyes. I always looked tired and exhausted. Now, three months after the operation, the headache is noticeably reduced. I now look more rested and awake, in a natural way. No one can see that I have had surgery. I am very pleased with the whole process. I felt safe and well taken care of.”

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