Facelift Reviews and Testimonials

Ansiktsløfting hos Cosmo: Tomm og Hilde Bjærke

A facelift can improve visible signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin by removing excess skin, tightening tissues and facial muscles. 90% of all facelift procedures were performed on women in 2018, according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

All testimonials and reviews on our web site are from actual patients providing their opinion on their results and the care they received at Cosmo Clinic. They are written by the patients, and Cosmo Clinic is allowed to publish them. Please remember that results may vary from patient to patient.

  • I could not be more grateful (facelift and neck lift)

    “I am a 54-year-old man, and have just had a facelift and neck lift performed by Hilde. I was happy from day 1 after the operation and have not had any complications.Today, only 1 month later, I feel that everything has gone perfectly. I could not be more grateful. Thank you very much, Hilde, you are the best.”

  • Formidable work done by Tomm Bjærke (facelift, neck lift)

    «Had a neck lift and facelift performed by Tomm Bjærke 10 days ago. What a formidable work done by the surgeon. I had almost no pain after the operation, nor the days after and until now - the tenth day. When I look at the before and after photos, I almost did not think it was true what I saw. All of the sagging skin and fat accumulation on the neck is completely gone.

    I checked many clinics before I decided to go for Cosmo Clinic, and that was definitely the right clinic. They have a great welcoming atmosphere and cheerful people at the reception when you come to the clinic. I am out among people already and no one can see that I have had surgery or that I have any visible marks. So I just say thank you again to Tomm Bjærke and his team. Will be happy to come back here later if I have to perform more procedures. Greetings from Dag, 51.»

  • “Super state-of-the-art clinic”

    “Super state-of-the-art clinic”

    “I was happy to experience that Oslo has such an expert, super state-of-the-art clinic, after having checked out clinics in Germany but finding it more convenient to do the planned facelift here in Norway where I currently live. The surgery was expertly done.”

  • The result is very good (brow lift, facelift and laser treatment)

    Brow lift, facelift and laser treatment: “I was very well taken care of both before and after the surgery with incredibly good follow-up. The result is very good, and I am very happy.” (Surgeon: Dr. Tomm Bjærke)

  • Many thanks to Hilde Bjærke at Cosmo

    “I experienced everyone at Cosmo Clinic as very competent and caring. Many thanks to my surgeon Hilde Bjærke for a fantastic result after tightening up and removing excess skin on face, neck and around the eyes. The result is everything I dreamt of. I am so pleased, and can highly recommend Cosmo Clinic.”

  • Brow lift and facelift (Hilde Bjærke)

    “I had brow lift (forehead lift) and facelift done at the same time by Dr. Hilde Bjærke. The result was superb, and I highly recommend the clinic and surgeon.”

  • “Very satisfied after facelift and laser treatment” (Hilde)

    “Very satisfied after facelift”

    "I'm 69 years old and haven't been taking care of my skin as well as I should have done. The result was that I saw new wrinkles every time I looked in the mirror. 3 months ago I contacted Cosmo Clinic, and Hilde became my doctor. I have had laser treatment and facelift done, and today I am very happy. Thank you, Hilde and all the nice staff.”