Privacy and cookies uses cookies. These are small text files that are saved on your device when you open a website. Cookies store information about your visit to the website. They do not store data that can identify you personally.

Cookies can be useful both for the website owner and the visitor. The owner can use this data to customise the pages, thus creating a better user experience. Statistical cookies can provide the website owner with information about which pages have been visited and how much time the user has spent on the website.

Cookies only store text. The information is always anonymous and is also usually encrypted. All browsers give you the opportunity to administer what you want cookies to do. The browser also lets you check which cookies are saved on your computer, and you can delete specific cookies (or all of them).

Consent and information about cookies

By using a website, you agree to the use of all cookies unless you delete or block cookies in your browser.

Deleting and blocking cookies

Most browsers are by default set to accept cookies. You can delete and block cookies in the browser’s settings. Please note that if you block cookies, this may affect site functionality and user experience.


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