Eyelid Surgery Testimonials

Eyelid Surgery Testimonials

All testimonials and reviews on our web site are from actual patients providing their opinion on their results and the care they received at Cosmo Clinic. They are written by the patients, and Cosmo Clinic is allowed to publish them. Please remember that results may vary from patient to patient.

  • Upper and lower eyelid plastic surgery

    “I have done upper and lower eyelid plastic surgery by Hilde Bjærke at Cosmo Clinic. I am incredibly pleased with the result. It is good to let go of headaches because the heavy eyelids hang over the lashes and fields of vision. It's also good to get a more alert look, and put a stop to comments that I look tired when I'm not at all. At Cosmo Clinic I was greeted in a very pleasant and professional manner by all the staff. Hilde Bjærke was also very accessible after the operation. It provided extra security.”

  • Dr. Tomm Bjærke my first choice

    “I was suffering from a lot of headaches and dry eyes. I always looked tired and exhausted. Now, three months after the operation, the headache is noticeably reduced. I now look more rested and awake, in a natural way. No one can see that I have had surgery. I am very pleased with the whole process. I felt safe and well taken care of.”

  • Many thanks to Hilde Bjærke at Cosmo

    “I experienced everyone at Cosmo Clinic as very competent and caring. Many thanks to my surgeon Hilde Bjærke for a fantastic result after tightening up and removing excess skin on face, neck and around the eyes. The result is everything I dreamt of. I am so pleased, and can highly recommend Cosmo Clinic.”

  • Fantastic Result (upper eyelid)

    "I had eyelid surgery done this summer. I was a bit skeptical of the fact that local anesthesia were to be used, but both the plastic surgeon Tomm Bjærke and the assistant were incredibly calm, professional, very skilled and not least nice. So in addition to a fantastic result, I was looked after in the best possible way. Recommended!"