Chemical peel – increases cellular turnover to reveal new, fresh skin

Cosmo Clinic - Chemical peel

The chemical peel process stimulates collagen and increases cellular turnover to reveal new, fresh skin. Chemical peel can improve irregular skin pigmentation, acne, acne scars, wrinkles, rough skin and scaly patches, sun-damaged skin etc.

Chemical peel can not remove deep scars or wrinkles or significantly tighten loose or sagging skin.

How does chemical peel work?

A chemical peel uses a chemical solution to improve the texture and tone of your skin by removing the damaged outer layers.

Although chemical peels are used mostly on the face, they can also be used to improve the skin on your neck and hands. Sun exposure, acne or just getting older can leave your skin tone uneven, wrinkled, spotted or scarred.

A chemical peel is one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance of your skin. The potential result of the chemical peel depends on the type of chemical and technique used.


Chemical peel

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