Dr. Thomas Berg - Testimonials

Thomas Berg, plastikkirurg Cosmo Clinic Oslo

Dr. Thomas Berg is a board certified plastic surgeon, trained at the University clinic in Uppsala, Sweden. He has been working both in Uppsala and at Rikshospitalet in Oslo for more than ten years.

After many years performing advanced microsurgical facial and breast reconstructions, he is considered one of the most sought-after, leading plastic surgeons in Norway. He is Cosmo Clinic’s expert in breast and body contouring procedures, having performed several thousand breast and body procedures. In addition to breast surgery, he performs abdominoplasties, liposuctions, body-contouring surgeries and Brazilian butt lifts (BBL) at Cosmo Clinic.

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  • Professional, ethical, calm and knowledgeable

    “Dr. Thomas Berg has made my new health journey very comfortable and amazing. He was patient enough to listen and answer all my questions, responded immediately when I communicated and calmed me down whenever I panicked because of a health reaction. He is a professional, ethical, calm and knowledgeable doctor.”

  • “The best decision I could have made”

    “This clinic is absolutely amazing. When I came in for my consultation the first time, I had very little faith in the whole thing because I had spent a lot of money in another clinic before and was basically “Botched”. The ladies at the reception were amazing. And then I met Dr. Thomas Berg – who listened to me, encouraged me and gave me hope, as it was quite hard for me to open up about what I had gone through at the previous clinic. To cut the story short, I have had 3 corrective procedures done by Dr. Thomas Berg, and I feel like a million bucks. My results are amazing, more than I had expected, I feel great, and love myself now more than I have ever done before. I enjoy being ME now. The aftercare was wonderful too. Thomas called to check up on my progress after surgery. The thing I have loved about Thomas is he will not let you spend your money on what he thinks is not necessary, AND am glad I listened to him, he has a way of making his patients feel good about themselves (that’s what a good doctor does). Walking into this clinic was the best decision I could have made for me, AND I feel lucky to have met such an experienced and gifted surgeon. If you are considering any kind of procedure, this is the clinic to go to, don't waste your money somewhere else.”

    Thomas Berg

  • “Breast reduction - amazing job”

    “Breast reduction - amazing job”

    “The surgery result is stunning, my whole upper body's silhouette has changed. My life is now lighter and easier. All that was bothering me before - back pain, comfort while doing sport, finding a bra, sweating - is now gone. Last but not least - my breasts look awesome, they are lifted, smaller and nicely shaped. Thank you so much!”

  • “Stunning surgery result” (breast reduction )

    “Stunning surgery result” (breast reduction )

    “The surgery result is stunning, my whole upper body's silhouette has changed. My life is now lighter and easier. All that was bothering me before - back pain, comfort while doing sport, finding a bra, sweating - is now gone. Last but not least - my breasts look fantastic, they are lifted, smaller and nicely shaped. Thank you so much!”

  • Breasts with a very nice, natural shape (implants and breast lift)

    “In January 2020, I underwent breast surgery. My breasts has been a mental strain since puberty due to their asymmetrical shape. I was aware that my breasts would make it more demanding to get a nice result (have also breastfed several children), and therefore visited several surgeons in Oslo to be sure that the result would be as good as possible. After consulting with several surgeons, Dr. Thomas Berg was the doctor who gave the best impression of them all. He was patient, very nice, listened and took the time to explain to me the cause of my condition. He also had experience with operating on a tuberous breasts (tubular breasts). He really is a skilled and honest doctor! I chose a combination of implants and breast lift (Mastopexy). I was very well taken care of throughout the process, and felt very safe on the day of the operation. The service at Cosmo Clinic is truly impeccable, and the clinic itself is great, clean and modern! The result: breasts with a very nice, natural shape. I am incredibly happy with the service and quality of Thomas' work - I really could not have been happier! I will definitely choose Cosmo Clinic again if I want to do more cosmetic surgery in the future, and can highly recommend Thomas!”

  • “Great doctors, great clinic, great patient care!”

    “Great doctors, great clinic, great patient care!”

    «I had breast enlargement, breast lift, liposuction, and abdominoplasty performed by Dr. Thomas Berg. I had a great experience, checkups, everybody was really professional, cozy, ambient, and what matters most - GREAT RESULTS! Great doctors, great clinic, great patient care!»

  • Breast reduction: «I should have done this a long time ago»

    «I had a breast reduction performed by Dr. Thomas Berg in June. I am very pleased with the result. Surprisingly, I did not have much pain after surgery. I was on my legs about 15 min after waking up from anesthesia, no discomfort, just overwhelming happiness for having small breasts. I have no words for how good the treatment I received from the surgeon and the staff working there. Safe, professional and positive people. Good follow-up from start to finish with 24 hour availability on telephone if there should be an acute crisis or questions after the operation, a good security. I highly recommend Cosmo Clinic, I am very pleased. The only thing I regret is that I should have done this a long time ago. I am extremely pleased that I chose to use Cosmo Clinic and Dr. Thomas Berg. Thank you.»

  • Tummy tuck and liposuction - I do not regret!

    “I had a ‘ring doughnut stomach’, and after searching the web, I found Cosmo Clinic and Dr. Thomas Berg! I have had full abdominal surgery and liposuction done, and do not regret! I am so happy. I've got the stomach I dreamt about, no pain. I can recommend Thomas Berg and Cosmo Clinic.”

  • Got a new life and improved self-confidence after breast reduction

    “I had big breasts. My back, shoulders and neck were sore. Dr. Thomas Berg performed a breast reduction surgery on me, and removed approx. 1.3 kg. I've got a new life and better confidence. The body feels absolutely amazing. I am also breathing better. I am so happy with everything at Cosmo Clinic. Awesome service from start to finish. Thank you very much.”

  • BBL: super happy that I chose Cosmo

    "This spring I had BBL performed by Thomas Berg. Prior to the operation, I had a pleasant consultation where I was given a lot of information about the procedure and what results to expect. I am super happy that I chose Cosmo Clinic. The results were incredibly good.” (BBL, female 27 years)

  • Fine and natural result (BBL)

    "I had BBL surgery performed by Thomas Berg, and couldn't be more pleased. Amazingly fine and natural result. All in all it has been a very safe and amazing experience, with friendly and competent nurses and surgeons. Can definitely be recommended.” (Female, age: 23)

  • Happy with my new figure (BBL)

    “My experience at Cosmo Clinic couldn't have been better. You really feel taken care of by all the staff. Before and after the operation, you receive incredibly good follow-up. The results after my surgery couldn't be better, and I'm more than happy with my new figure and the whole experience at Cosmo Clinic. ” (BBL, female, age 24. Surgeon: Thomas Berg)

  • “Good follow-up, perfect result”

    “I've had full abdominal surgery, breast lift and breast augmentation done at Cosmo Clinic. I received good information and guidance so that I could choose what was best for me during the consultation with the plastic surgeon. I received very good information regarding how to prepare for the surgery, what would happen on the day of the surgery, and the follow-up etc. I felt safe and looked after all the way. The operation itself went fast and painlessly. Good follow-up after the operation and the result was perfect. Could not have been more pleased. Quality work from a skilled surgeon. Thank you!!" (Female, age 47)

  • Excellent experience (Breast lift)

    «I had a truly excellent experience at Cosmo Clinic! Everything involved in my process was smooth, easy and streamlined. I appreciate the honesty of Dr. Thomas Berg. He suggested a breast lift, and I can truly say it was the best decision. My breasts look perfect. Now I will be getting a BBL with Dr. Berg this year. I cannot recommend this clinic enough!» (Breast lift, plastic surgeon: Thomas Berg)